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To be present or future-focused? That is the question.

It is a valuable life-skill to be aware of two dynamics in regards to time and being present or not throughout our daily life - AND how each of these mental perspectives will effect our reality.

As I like to say (probably all too often), we always have a choice . . . here are two options to choose from on the daily:

  • Being present and fully embracing the moment - where you are physically, emotionally, spiritually.

  • Embracing the nonchalance of time and in essence, the future - knowing that 'this too shall pass'.

With most things in life, there are benefits to both perspectives.

Living solidly in a present frame of mind is the acknowledgement that nothing that has been and nothing that will be is more important than what IS right here and now. This mentality can encourage us to put down the phone, listen intently during a conversation, or soak in every moment of an adventure. When we’re living fully and freely in the moment, we’re not worried about what will be in the next hour, month, or year. Our mind is free to completely focus on what we’re experiencing right then and there.

Now that all sounds great but the catch here is that if we’re in a negative situation, being fully present could easily turn into a pit of emotional quick sand - sucking you down without any hope of reprieve.

So the alternative would be to constantly remind oneself that this moment will pass, good or bad, whatever we’re experiencing is never permanent. When we check ourselves and recognize that this present situation or experience is completely temporary, a mere blip on the radar of our life, it takes the pressure off. If it is a negative experience, we’re reminded that this too shall pass, to breathe and push through it. If it is a positive experience, we realize that this is one of many we are sure to enjoy in our lifetime and that may bring even more gratitude than being present would - who knows!

Some could look at these options as having situational pros and cons - it could be good to be present in a positive moment and nonchalant in a negative one. All we know is that wherever and however we invest our thoughts and energy, that is what grows and is given more power. And balance is the key.

If we always felt fully present in life, we would be consumed with each detail of every day, knowing we are not promised more than this current moment.

If we always felt nonchalant in life, we would walk with an air of aloofness, knowing life is broad and vast and our experiences are innumerable.

I may be harping on this running theme too much, but again, this comes down to balance.

What does your balance look like between staying present OR knowing that this too shall pass? Are you self-aware enough to check yourself during each situation to decide which head space you want to live in, in that very moment?

Mastering my mind is an art that I’m not sure I’ll perfect in my lifetime - but that will never stop me from trying. I will choose to work on this practice and particular balance, every single day.

Love + Joy,



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