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Limitless - it's a life choice.

When you’re open, the opportunities are limitless. When you go into a situation with an open mind, open heart, and an open outlook, you give life the opportunity to surprise you in beautiful ways. For example, in August 2015, we moved to the south, a place that I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would call home. And now we’ve been living just outside of Nashville, Tennessee for close to three years and I am having a hard time thinking about leaving. I have truly loved this every minute of this experience. The beauty is this: we came out here with zero expectations other than an adventure - and life brought us so much magic, beauty, friendships, and love - all beyond my imagination. That is what I call limitless. Limitless opportunity, fun, joy, love, laughter, goodness, kindness . . . limitless potential. Because here’s the truth. There are no limits in life. The only metaphysical limits we have are those that we place on ourselves or those that we accept.

If we approach something or someone with an open mind that all is well or all will be well, it likely will.

Just the same . . . if we enter a situation with a preconceived notion that something is going to go wrong or be bad, it likely will … Newton's third law of motion states that what you put out will always come back to you. Every time. This is not just the power of physics but the power of our mind to will things in the direction of our thoughts. Now, I know this may sound airy fairy, but just try operating this way for a week. I know I encourage these tests fairly often, but that's the only way you'll see tangible proof from making a change!

See what it’s like to wake up every day grateful - to be alive, to have a roof over your head - grateful that you will experience good things that day. Now putting out good vibes at the start of the day is not the same thing as setting expectations. In my own life, I try really hard to release expectations, so that I don't feel that all too common twinge of disappointment if something doesn’t happen, and even better, I’m beyond delighted if it does. But waking up each day with an open, grateful mind allows you to be open to the potential that the day will go well. That’s it. Once you start there, take a pulse after the first few days and see what it feels like to constantly be looking for the good in a situation, because that’s what you woke up thinking about. Little by little, you will strengthen those muscles of positivity, seeing endless potential wherever you look. And over time that outlook will be come second nature.

Now of course there will be situations that arise that are not desirable - flat tire, traffic, late for work, layoffs - none of these are 'good' experiences nor are they usually something we would be grateful for. But we have a choice as to how we experience them and how we react to them. Always. So if you have a choice between fighting traffic and showing up thoroughly pissed off at your destination OR flowing with it while jamming out to the radio - which experience would you choose? At the end of the day, try not to meet your problems head on - transcend them - rise above. Always take the high road and stay in your lane of peace, positivity, and love. And most importantly, remain grateful throughout every experience, as that is truly what will continue to reveal limitless possibility in your life.


As Oprah says, "I have a big life, thank you Jesus!"


Love & Joy,



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