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Work in progress or shining star? Let’s talk humility.

I personally feel an immense relief knowing that I may not have it all figured out. I have so much more to learn. So much further to grow. And that this is perfectly OK.

Who would want the pressure of telling the world, let alone yourself, that you have no faults, make no mistakes, and have nothing more to learn?

When we have a humble eagerness to learn something from everyone and everywhere, our learning opportunities become limitless. And our humility in that desire to be better ... makes us that much better. Get it?

All we have to do is let go of the reigns a little, understand there’s a grander plan that is much larger than our own, and trust that if we live humbly and well, we will find ourselves walking on this trusted path toward an even better life.

I am in awe of the vast array of human beings I come in contact with on a regular basis, each on their own unique life path - each striving for more happiness, more success, more love ... more. In reality, we’re all ‘fingers on the same hand’ (says my Poppa) and although our paths may vary drastically, we all face growth opportunities on the daily. The main difference lies in how we each choose to respond to these moments.

We always have a choice. And here’s where I feel humility comes into play.

Humility allows us to connect. It grounds us and allows others in. Again, who wants to hang out with someone claiming to be perfect? I’d take a work in progress any day over someone who chooses not to see or refuses to admit that they have more to learn.


So when we’re confronted with a challenging situation that is most likely meant to teach us something, we can choose to:

A. Respond as we normally would and ignore the lesson to choose differently and potentially grow

B. Respond out of habit but feel poorly after doing so, then think about how we could have reacted differently, maybe even better

C. Pause, rethink our reaction, and respond in a new way - rinse and repeat

Now, obviously option A is the easiest - no thought required, stay in your comfort zone, etc . . . but if you’re looking to embrace humility, try B and if you’re looking to grow, go option C all the way!


Imagine how deep your relationships could get if those around you saw you for exactly who you are in this very moment, whether that is a shining star or a work in progress, they will respect you that much more for being your authentic self and for being someone who embraces their faults and is striving to be better.

When we come from a place of humble eagerness, knowing we don’t have it all figured out but that we’d really like to ... we give ourselves the opportunity to grow.

May we all choose growth, friends, and humility throughout the process.

Love + Joy,



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