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I get it. Issues = Energy = Change.

Hypothetically, I understand that for things to transform for the better, they must first be made into an issue.

But, if I may . . . there are times when I see topics being promoted that I don’t feel need to be as emphasized or dramatized.

I keep thinking, why does gender inequality have to be such a harped-on issue? Why does race have to be such a divisive topic? Why does sexual assault need to be headline news? Why does the necessity for gun laws need to be debated?

The clear reality is that there is something fundamentally wrong with each of these scenarios that requires change.

And I guess the all encompassing truth about things worldly or personal is this: in order to change, something must first be given thought and energy, more often than not by becoming an ‘issue’. And if something or someone is being mistreated to the point where positive change is needed, then I guess I can accept the drama for the sake of positive progress.

However I spin it to myself though, my truth is really this: There are people in the world who make bad decisions and do bad things to others. Please, don’t be one of these people.

Choose. To. Be. A. Good. Person. End of story.

If everyone’s goal was to positively impact the lives around them on a daily basis, just imagine how productive and loving our world would be.

  • There would be no gender inequality, because we would see each other as reflections of ourselves and therefore, equal human beings.

  • There would be no negative stigma around race because each of us is so drastically different to begin with, how could we possibly see a hierarchy amongst humans.

  • There would be no assault, let alone sexual assault, because personal freedom would be celebrated not exploited.

  • There would be no gun violence, because the hearts and minds controlling the weapons would be sound, heard, and loved.

We see this in our own lives every day. In order for us to change something about ourselves - our attitude, our image, our relationships - we must first recognize it as an issue needing to be addressed. If we liked our body image or our behavior exactly as it was, why would we feel the need to change it? So if we truly want it to change, we put energy into creating a solution.

Just keep in mind that the more energy we feed something, be it a thought, person, or topic, the more it will grow.

It is possible for this energy-fueled growth to be positive, given the energy flowing to it IS in fact positive . . . but it can also tilt wildly toward the negative depending on our choices.

So, let us all remember this as we go about our day, watching or reading the news, our Facebook feeds, or consuming any other potentially over-dramatized content. You have a choice as to how much and what type of energy you put into something you hear, learn, or read. Let’s choose to make that energy as positive and constructive as possible - seeking solutions to better our world and the topics that plague it today, rather than joining a merry-go-round conversation of divisiveness.

Choose to be, do, speak, and share good with and for our world, friends. And let’s watch it transform for the better.

Love + Joy,



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