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What does your beauty look like?

Perceived, accepted, honored?

  • Do you focus on others perception of your beauty? Thrive off of their approval of your looks?

  • Have you accepted your body, skin, face, hair and simply moved on?

  • Are you honoring your body? For exactly what it is? And exactly what it isn’t?

Once we accept ourselves for who we are and how we look, we can finally start to enjoy life. It takes so much energy to degrade ourselves. To complain. To obsess to the extreme about our lacks or our faults - cellulite, bloated stomach, acne, the list could go on.

If we let it.

The truth is it’s easy to feel bad about something we don’t like ... the real work comes from making a plan to change that which we’re unhappy with. Because really, nothing is permanent. Not even some aspects of our body. We can always make changes if we work hard enough.

When we eat well, hydrate, get rest, our body thanks us for the effort and rewards us with a healthier outlook on life. I’m not saying we’ll be magically 'bikini bod' ready, but we’ll feel confident knowing we’re healthier and confidence is half the journey. Hey, fake it til you make it, ya?!

True joy comes not just from making these changes but from accepting that regardless of how we look on the outside, our inner health is the key. When people meet us, sure they may initially see us for what we look like, but what will truly inspire them to be in our life for good is what we look like on the inside - who we are in the world, how we treat ourselves and how we act towards others.

So remember that the next time you start to worry about your hips, your zits, your hair, or anything else we can’t magically change overnight. Focus on what you can control right in that very moment. Your mind, your attitude, your confidence.

Shine your inner light so bright that it’s all people see and that light will be what draws them back in. The rest will magically fall into place.

Shine on, beauties.

Love & Joy,


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