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We are imperfect beings.

. . . on a perfectly imperfect journey.

And that is just fine.

Sometimes the DESIRE for enlightenment, self-awareness, or a life filled with great communication, fulfilling relationships, and positive emotions ... sometimes that desire overshadows the reality that WE ARE HUMAN.

And human beings stumble, fail, break, fall, and become overwhelmed. And that is just fine.

All the same, we humans succeed. It is in those moments of finding ourselves broken or failing that we have a powerful choice - to persevere . . . or not. The choice is ours. And that choice completely and beautifully defines WHO WE ARE.

It is also in those moments of utter weakness and momentary failure that we can remind ourselves, we are imperfect beings on a perfectly imperfect journey. Whatever we are experiencing - whether it feels outside of our control or beyond our ability to handle - remind yourself that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. That said, try to stay present in this moment so that when you do choose to persevere, to stand up, move forward, and something magnificent comes into your life, you APPRECIATE the contrast that much more.

How would we ever learn or grow if the journey was always perfect?

We are human, friends. And that is more than fine. Love yourself for exactly who you are now, who you want to become tomorrow, and who you’ve been up until this moment, because you are perfectly imperfect and this journey will only get better, if you CHOOSE to persevere.

Love + Joy,



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