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For the love of money.

It’s a solid life step to assess our relationship with money.

Do you respect it? Admire it? Worship it? Appreciate it? Is it your daily focus? Are you attached to it? Can’t live without it? See it as a blessing? A crutch? A means to an end?

There are many ways to experience money, some healthy and some much less so.

In truth it comes down to our attitude towards this 'green energy' - that is what makes or breaks our experience with it.

Unhealthy relationships with money can usually be traced back to people who see it as a God. But heres the short and sweet ... it is NOT the money itself that is evil ... it is the love of or the obsession of money that is the downfall for most human beings.

This concept dates all the way back to the bible. 'For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.' 1 Timothy 6:10

How many of us have interpreted this verse as, ‘money is the root of all evil.’ Me! A thousand times. But the truth is so much clearer.

It is the LOVE of money that trips us up and shakes our foundation of goodness, appreciation, and calm. Our attitude toward money is the problem, not the money itself. 'Money is morally neutral.’ YES! Thank you, Mr. Brown, for putting it so beautifully.

It is the emphasis, worship or revere we attach to money that gives it so much power.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, money is great. It allows us to create houses that families can turn into a home, it allows us to travel the world where we can create life changing memories, it allows us to support ourselves, our friends and our family in pursuing their dreams, and so much more. But you know what common theme each of these scenarios needs to be successful - hint, it’s not money - it is the relationships and the love money supports - the critical link here is you, me, and the people we love.

Money alone can never bring us happiness.

It is the experiences money can lead us to and the appreciation of those therein that often tricks us into attaching such positive memories with the means to get to them, but if we didn’t have people we love by our sides or a clear mind in our head, we would never be able to fully appreciate these moments.

Unfortunately, money can easily cloud the mind and blind the heart from seeing that without it, you’re fine. So long as you have the people you love around you, you’re doing great.

So, take a moment to reflect. Regardless of whether your bank account is cushy or caved in, RESPECT money and be grateful for the comfort it can bring to your life and the experiences it can lead you to, but try not to revolve your life around it - remind yourself that YOU and your attitude make those experiences and that comfort truly possible.

Love & Joy,



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