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What are your life spokes? Are they balanced?

In some way, I think we all strive for balance in life. That doesn’t mean we always attain it, but it can definitely be an effort in progress.

I was recently asked what one of my ‘go-to’ life analogies is . . . either professional or personal. In either case, this is it.

Our bike. More specifically, our bike wheel.

What if we looked at our personal life values as spokes on a bicycle wheel?

One spoke could be our relationships, another our health, finances, spirituality, work, passion - the list could go on and the spokes could be endless, given you have enough time to tend to them all.

That’s the kicker. Time and attention.

If each value is a spoke on your wheel, you can find balance by consistently checking in and assessing how much time and attention you’re giving each spoke. The more time we give a value, the stronger and longer the spoke gets. Just the same, the less time we give to one, the shorter it becomes. When one spoke is shorter than the others, what happens to your wheel?

It wobbles.

When our spokes are off-balance or not getting enough of our attention, our wheel is off-balance. When our wheel is off-balance, our bike doesn’t roll right - and WE wobble.

This analogy is a simple way to check-in with what matters most in our lives, on a regular basis. I like to wake up each morning, express gratitude for being alive, and do a quick run through of my spokes. When I don’t spend enough time on one aspect of my life, I certainly feel the impact that ‘shorter spoke’ has on my life experience as a whole.

There are times I don’t put enough energy or time into my own creativity or passion projects and I certainly feel the void.

I think we can all get a pretty intense wobble goin’ on - especially when we’re not mindful.

So, let’s check in.

  • First, what are the values or aspects of your life that are most important to you and your overall happiness?

  • Second, how much time are you giving to each? Each day?

  • Lastly, can you balance it out a bit more to make sure your spokes are even and your bike’s rollin’ steady?

The more aware we are, the quicker our reaction time becomes to adjust when we feel off or unbalanced. Stay compassionate with yourself, as we’re all just a work in progress - but keep growing, my friends. That’s the best way to make our world a cool place to live in.

Love + Joy,



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