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The unconditional, unnecessary, yet freely given kind of love.

What is the one thing that would get someone to:

  • launch out of bed in the middle of the night

  • clean up soiled clothes or sheets

  • play the same game or song ad nauseam

  • forgive in the face of horrible treatment

  • spend every personal penny on someone else

  • walk through unimaginable pain to help

  • … and so much more

All for someone else.

Love. Unconditional love, to be more accurate.

The kind of love shown to those fortunate souls ... by their parents.

Today is the day to celebrate one parent in particular - a role while also a lifestyle, a triumph of a creator, a hero yet a human being - a MAMA.

Let me preface by saying that I recognize there are a multitude of unique relationships out there that one can have with this person. And I respect that not all are positive, or known, and some are a cherished memory. And I send so much love to these people and the void this may create. May you feel that deep, unconditional love surrounding you from those who are in your life.

That being said, the relationship I have with my mama is a blessing beyond words. And I must acknowledge her and the unconditional love she shows her children. Today, and always.

Not only does this woman dole out endless amounts of love and compassion to her own children - but throughout my life, she has shown so many of my friends (and at times relative strangers) versions of this same love and care. We are all blessed to have this mama in our lives.

So on this day of celebration, where we each take time to thank the people in our lives who either brought us into this world, raise our children, or show us unconditional love, I am beyond grateful for all of the amazing women in my world.

Happy unconditional love day to all!

Love + Joy,



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